A 10-day Mindfulness Challenge To Cultivate
Clarity and Spaciousness

Do you Feel..

.. cluttered in the mind?
.. frustrated when you can’t focus?
.. helpless when the mind can’t stop thinking?
.. guilty missing out on your relationships as you live in your mind?
.. annoyed that you can’t sustain new ways of thinking?

Take a Breath.

Let’s learn to reset and start from where you are.

Hello.. I am Jace. 

I struggled exactly with these feelings for many years.

As a new parent, I was losing it. Not knowing how to be in the present moment or be patient with the journey was taking its toll on my mental well-being and my family. I tried many different modalities – studying, seminars, certifications, spiritual ceremonies, healing sessions etc – to be better but would only touch-and-go on mindfulness and meditation. I dismissed it as slow and ‘doing nothing’. I was stuck in rumination and impatience and wanted a book, or a course to give me answers right away. While I learnt a lot in the journey, what eventually helped me with sustained well-being was the practice I had totally dismissed.

I just wanted to feel enough and at ease.

That I could finally..

.. Stop and ‘Be’ whenever I choose
.. Have a relaxed clarity moment to moment
.. Focus and concentrate with ease
.. Feel spacious and resourced even in the face of problems and worries
.. Have the mental and emotional space to enjoy my relationships (with self and others)

Yet, Is Mindfulness really the Simple Answer?

When I finally gave myself permission to revisit mindfulness, I was struck by the depth in the seemingly simple practices. I finally caught glimpses of what it means to be at ease and spacious, and till today it’s an ongoing  journey of unfolding and insights. 

But the journey isn’t without it’s challenges. Mindfulness seems to be quoted everywhere as the magic solution these days. Too many people gave it a try, misunderstood it and gave up without having truly giving it a chance. And this is why I created this program.

Why is it simple yet hard?

While mindfulness resources are plentiful on the web, the privilege of being guided through our experiences by a teacher might not be readily available. Most apps or mindfulness ‘programs’ provide practices but leave practitioners to figure out what their experiences meant or worse misled participants into believing that ‘relaxing’ is the point (nope, it’s not). Inevitably, challenges arise during practices, just like in daily life. What do you do? Give up?

Mindfulness app download statistics and book sales show huge initial interests for mindfulness, but the ability to sustain a practice is probably the biggest challenge of all. To see the point of it, or to finally enjoy the ‘pointlessness’ of the practice can be a journey fraught with inner conflicts and resistance.

Human beings can be tough and withstand all kinds of challenges. But confronting the mind can be extremely challenging. It doesn’t always act as you wish and can leave us feeling out-of-control. My observation of myself and others is that we have mostly misunderstood the nature of our mind and refuse to accept it for what it is.  

Our existing mind tendencies might also work directly against continued practice. For a while, I failed to see that the same resistance in a mindfulness practice are the same reasons why I cannot sustain my desired change in life. The lack of mind ‘mastery’ meant that I got stuck easily in over-thinking, and the ‘thoughts’ in this over-thinking mind then ‘persuade’ or ‘justify’ why we should just stop even though we know it’s good for us. 

Transforming the world one mind at a time..

Upon completing the teacher’s certification with Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre, I vowed to create something doable, sustainable and encourage continuity for people like me. A program that shows real understanding for our modern busy life and mind, and honour the difficulties and the need to start from where we are. It’s my deepest intention for more people to continue rather than give up. For each human, each relationship, or the world, has the potential to be transformed each time a mind gain clarity and spaciousness. Just like I have seen for myself and my students/clients.

What our Mind longs for..

Clear Space

Clear Space is a 10-day Mindfulness Challenge that cultivate clarity & spaciousness in our mind.

It prioritises awareness of existing mind habits and addresses the common obstacles that inhibit our access to greater peace and contentment in modern minds. Peppered with experiential practices and commentaries, it gently draws our attention to the moment to moment inner occurrences that we are oblivious to.

It hones our ability to rise above the clutter and draw unknown wisdom and resources from within.

It takes only 10 to 20 minutes a day

If you are like me, choosing between responsibilities and personal me-time can be a perpetual cause of tension. What if our well-being is not in conflict with daily life & you don’t need to push aside life to find serenity within. For a start, it’s about the regularity; not the length of practice (and this is coming from someone who really despise routine). Practices are kept short and practical to life.

After all, it’s meant to clear; not clutter.

It understands the modern life & mind

What you find in the program is a culmination of:

Do-able, Easy-to-Access & Relatable

These are the intentions of the program, yet they are still not for everybody. Use the table below to reflect upon your intentions and current situation and see if they align with this program.

Clear Space

Is for You, if..

Clear Space

Isn't for You, if

What’s inside

Clear Space

10 days of Mindfulness themes to explore

Day 1: Noticing the Autopilot
Day 2: Befriending your Attention
Day 3: The Wandering Mind
Day 4: Connecting with the Body
Day 5: Recognising Aversion in the Body
Day 6: Ability to Pause
Day 7: Sounds of the World and Spaciousness
Day 8: Colours of the World and Kindness
Day 9: Thoughts and Clarity
Day 10: Here and Now

13 Common Mind Habits and Modes of Mind Explored
Implications and how to observe them in your own practice.

Past Focused
Future Focused
Search and Need for Meaning
Comparing or Preferential Mind
Need for Right and Wrong
Boredom and Sleepiness
Anticipation or Expectation
Avoidance or Denial
Thought as self

15 Mind Tools and Resources to Cultivate
(You might discover more through your own reflections)

Beginner’s Mind
Clear seeing
Habit Building
Spacious observation
Loving Kindness
Letting Be

10 + 2 bonus Mindfulness practices (Downloadable audios)
Download into your own devices and practice anywhere.

10 practice commentary videos
to guide you through your practice experiences and reflections.

An all-purpose intention setting exercise
Gain clarity on any projects or learnings you want to embark on.

Practical tips and guide
to support reflections and home practices.

More than a dozen short videos and readings
as additional Learning Resources.

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Price in USD

There is no special introductory price or a limited-time discount; it will always be this price. And we have priced it to maximise accessibility. Hence, if you know you are ready to pursue this precious work of self-awareness and mind mastery, sign up with unhurried clarity and ease. 

What’s more, you can get your money back if you find that this program is not what you want in 30 days.

Support Efforts against Human Trafficking

The intention when I launched this was to spread good and do good in an accessible and simple way. No caveats or hidden agendas. 30% of the amount collected for this program will be donated for a cause I feel strongly for. This program supports A21 in their efforts to protecting human freedom and dignity.

Reviews for Jace & the Program

"..sincere & heartwarming… relevant to our everyday life situations and there is mindful thought process in her work and mentorship."
Xing Yee
"I felt that all the minutes spent are truly worth it. Simple exercise but with great impact in me"
"…enriching and eye-opening. It has enabled me to cultivate kindness to myself and appreciate the love around me. It has also allowed me to be a mindful parent as well. It was a good start to a long journey of mindfulness in future. My guru, Jace, was patient, relevant and succinct with the information needed for understanding of the topics in simpler forms. Thank you."
This is an experiential programme which has helped me gain better insight to mindfulness. It also inspires me to further pursue my interest in yoga..

More Reviews Below..

How does it work?

Follow the Sign-Up link to go through a simple registration and payment process. Note that you will be registering via Thinkific (a third-party platform that hosts the program). Currently, only credit card payments are accepted.

Once the registration is completed and payment is received, you will have full access to the program plus –

Life Time Access

This is not given because it sounds good or enticing. But simply because as a mindfulness practitioner, I understand deeply the nature of the practice. To learn anything and to wield a skill with ease, repetition is needed. No matter how many times I have done a breath practice, it never ceases to amaze me that new insights, reminders, or deeper experiences can occur. 

Unlimited Updates

Yup, this program is not stagnant and will be continually improved and enhanced with new practices and videos, and you will not have to pay again. One-time payment for life-time updates.

30-days Money back Guarantee

After all, a key intention of the program is to cultivate ease. If you eventually find that the program is not what you are looking for, write to us at [email protected] within 30 days and we will refund the full amount with no questions asked. But of course, we would welcome feedback to help us improve, if that’s what you wish to do. 

Jace Loi

Mindfulness Teacher & Mind Coach

Masters of Counselling
Certified Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Teacher
Founder, Ming Mindfulness

Monash University
Master of Counselling

Oxford University – Oxford Mindfulness Centre
Certified Competent Mindfulness Teacher in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy; Finding Peace in a Frantic World Program; Taking it Further Program.

Mindfulness in Schools Project
Certified .b Teacher (Mindfulness program age 10 to 18)

School of Positive Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

School of Positive Psychology
Certified SPARK (UK) Resilience Trainer – Adults & Children

Mind Transformations
Certified Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistics Programming (NLP)

Ohm Santih Yoga School
200 Hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Postnatal & Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Other Counselling Training
Motivational Interviewing
Acceptance Commitment Therapy
ASIST Suicide Intervention

My Key Passion

in life is the study and observation of humanity, the mind and our inner experiences. I envision a world that is more loving and accepting towards humanity’s diverse range of traits and quirks. For that to happen, I believe self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion need to be common skills. I have committed my work to spreading the wisdom and resources that have worked in a profound way for my life in my decade search for sustained peace and contentment.

The human mind and spirit never cease to move me, the emotions and aliveness. To witness individuals experiencing a shift in their perspectives and their approach to life through their own embodied experience is truly rewarding for me. When the eyes light up, the shoulders soften, or when the face ease into peace.

I am known to have profound understanding and compassion for what is difficult, yet also helping people to reconnect to what is simple and fundamental in the moment. I don’t fancy complex psychological jargons or diagnosis, and I hope to help you cut the chase (and the unnecessary thinking) to gently guide you to what is here. To give the space and safety to hold both what is difficult and what might be possible.

My life philosophy now is to thread the path lightly. I feel that a strong attachment to any belief or conclusion is what’s keeping us in cycles of inner conflicts, ‘stuckness’ and perpetuates the increasing division we are witnessing in this world. Cultivating psychological flexibility is an urgent need in this world if we want less separation, anger and frustration and more compassion and emotional resilience. Mindfulness, to me, is a key skill for humanity. 

More Reviews

I really treasure the time I have spent... I feel good after each session, bringing away peace and strength.. Thank you Jace!
Great engaging trainer..! Refreshed after every session!
I learnt to identify various emotional states of myself.. I realised the importance of reframing my perspective of mistakes and failures
..brings across both theories and life meaning clearly through experiential exercises.
..helps to reinforce my goal of raising a happy child. The tips and key-takeaways provided will be really useful in my daily interactions with people as well!
“Highly Recommended!”
Mum of one

More Questions?

Q. I am a complete beginner, is it ok?

This program is certainly designed with complete beginners in mind. In fact, one of the key attitude we practice in mindfulness is that we are all beginners moment to moment.

Q. Are the practices religious?

The practices in this program are meant for anyone with a ‘mind’. Anyone with a wish to self-observe and master their inner workings. I know numerous mindfulness teachers who share different faiths and beliefs. Considering that the ‘self’ is a divine sacred throve of mysteries, it can be a spiritual experience but the program itself is secular in nature.

Q. What if I can’t allocate a straight 10 days to commit, is it ok to take a break?
Q. I have rather busy days, how much time will it take? Can I do it at my own pace?

We all have multiple roles in life. If some flexibility is needed, there is no need to tear yourself apart for not keeping to a strict routine. Consistency and regularity is key. This program takes anything between 10 to 20 minutes each ‘day’, and the content is organised for 10 days. You may spread out the 10 days to a frequency that is comfortable for your life in the present moment, e.g. every 3 days to do a ‘day’ of the program.

Q. I have done some self-practice before using various apps, is there anything new for me?

This program value-adds by bringing you through a reflection process of the common experiences that we might have in a mindfulness practice and how to apply them to life. The themes built on each other as the program progress to help gain a more coherent and rational understanding of why we practice.

Q. ‘I’m 18’…’I am 50’.. I am xx years old. can I do this program?

If the description of the program piques your interests and innate curiosity, I would say you can do it. It does require some level of emotional and mental maturity to be able to witness and study our inner experiences. I would say the language and tone of the program is more suited for adults above the age of 18, with no upper age limit. 

Q. What do I need to view the content? Does it work on all devices?

You can view this on PCs, laptops, tablets or the phone with a stable wifi connection. The audios are downloadable into your preferred devices for ease of practicing.

Q. Isn’t Mindfulness just more awareness?

There are definitions far and wide for mindfulness, you can google it. But I am a believer of putting our being through the experience of mindfulness because of the multiple non-tangible attitudes involved in it; it’s not just about awareness.

Q. Can I buy the program but start it later?
Q. How long do I have access to the content? Must I do it in 10 days?

Yes, you can sign-up for the program but start later! You have life-time access once you have signed up. 

Q. I’m practicing at home/In office, do I need any items to support the practice?

There are no special items needed, except you and the space you are in. While most are sitting practices, a couple of practices require a lying down or moving space. You might want to inform your loved ones or colleagues if you wish to practice in close proximity so that they might give you some privacy and space.

Q. Is $24.90 a one-time payment or a subscription?

It’s a one-time payment and you are entitled to life-time access to the program and any updates in the future. 

Q. I have a patience issue, and I absolutely cannot stand doing nothing. Will I survive this?

If you have a mind and a breath, then you will probably do this ok. Practices are kept quite short as the intention is about regularity than quantity. It might feel time consuming and pointless to sit and ‘not do anything’; but these might be the exact mind preferences we are wishing to ‘loosen’ and allow other qualities to develop. The fact that you are here reading this, something must have drawn you? What kind of change would it bring into your life if you begin practicing a little slowing down, present moment awareness, and more mastery of your mind?

Q. Are clarity and spaciousness guaranteed?

These are the methods that brought generations of minds in the past couple of thousands of years closer to these states and beyond. That’s how long the tradition of mindfulness practices has been passed down for. In the beginning of practice, you might get glimpses of what is possible. The program itself is giving you the skills of how to watch and cultivate ease in your being. 

To gain more sustained impact requires continued practice on a regular basis, which is also the intention of the program – to provide the rationale and platform to encourage regularity and to help you ride through the difficulties and challenges. 

Clarity and spaciousness might be the supported intentions, but many others find relational wisdom, inspiration for purposeful living, emotional resilience, forgiveness etc. The gifts are unique to your life experiences and needs. Maybe ultimately it’s just about finally paying attention and taking time to learn how to embrace your being as it is, no reasons needed.

This 10 days, the next 10 months, or the next 10 years, is just part of a journey of continuous growth.

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