Week 1: Deepening Attitudinal Cultivation in Mindfulness Practice
Willingness & Openness | Friendliness | Allowing & Letting Be
Real-life embodiment: Is there a particular person or aspect of life that you wish to develop more openness and friendliness towards, which would bring tremendous value to your well-being?

Week 2: Deepening ease with paradoxical nature of life
Practice for balance and equanimity
Taking apart common paradoxes in practice e.g. Feeling deeply without entanglement, Engaged without Striving, Surrender without giving up. Self-inquiry for inner spaciousness
Real-life embodiment: In the course of life or practice, is there any paradox that you are unable to reconcile, i.e. want and don’t want, love and hate?

Week 3: Deepening the nuances of practice and subtle awareness
Exploring and solidifying intention in practice
Introduction to feeling tones – the beginning before awareness?
Self-inquiry without over thinking, and subconscious judgement
Real-life embodiment: Think of an example in practice or in life that you have the repeated intention to act on but somehow isn’t happening.

$675 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $585 – Sign up before 12th April

$675 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $585
– Sign up before 12th April

$675 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $585 – Sign up before 12th April

$675 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $585
– Sign up before 12th April

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