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Live Programs

Truly immersive 8 to 12 weeks mindfulness programs that will challenge your being. Commit to uncovering blind spots and seeing clearly the nature of your mind. More importantly, establish new mind habits that help you to live with ease in the midst of real life, be it busyness, parenthood and emotional lows.

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Clear Space

A 10-day program done at your own pace. A good mix of short mindfulness practices and knowledge/philosophy set around the theme of cultivating clarity and spaciousness for the mind. Great for beginners.

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1 to 1 Coaching

For those who like specific guidance for your practice and your unique life issues. A certified counsellor and mindfulness teacher, you can expect deep insights and reflections from personal coaching with reference to your life situation.

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Be it about emotional resilience, life purpose, intricacies of the human mind or mindful living, you can expect unconventional perspectives, hard truths and intimate mind-body experiences. Don’t expect a usual wellness and feel-nice talk.

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