Easing Into You

What do you need right now?

Life is Messy
Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash Life is messy… We make it so Be it changes, actions, emotions… like it or not it’s almost like…
Everything Becomes Free
Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash The only reason we feel stuck or that we feel terrible is because we are stuck  on the notion…
Let Them Drop
My recurrent nightmare… falling teeth
Truth be Told
Bunch of T-words for life.
It is ok to care.
Don’t be afraid to care
Don’t be afraid to care. Even when it seems like there is nothing much we can do.
It has always been you
The one that will love me (and because it’s Valentine’s Day)
What is Truth?
Would anyone ever know?
Then and Now
What changes and what doesn’t in this endless journey of self-realisation?
And life. (A twilight reflection)
I Keep Quiet
To listen to pain.
Quiet and bland
Moments that aren’t worth a story
The inevitable in self-realization.
Tension from Perfection, Fear, Future and the Unknown
Anxiety is Here
Embracing our survival instinct in overdrive.
Who am I?
A poetry that evokes ‘nothing’.
Meditation Is Not About Regulation
No right or wrong. No steps or manuals to follow. No calming down or stilling the mind. No regulation. A complete rest. A complete ease.
Can I ??
We constantly doubt ourselves, despite our best attempts to think ‘I can’.
What if the day is already done?
If the day is all done and all you are doing is experiencing the journey the way you like it, how does that change your choices moment to moment?
Can’t Empty your Mind? Don’t.
'I can't stop thinking’ - One of the most common conversations we have in a mindfulness class. What do you do with these pesky thoughts?
I want to read
Why sitting with a book has become an indulgence? When has reading for the sake of reading become a guilty pleasure?
This Endless Yearning for Life to Matter
We want our life to matter. We yearn. Everyone does, be it outrightly or discretely. It’s absolutely not a problem until this happens..
Letting go for a deeper connection
Letting Go for Deeper Connection
The harder we cling in a relationship, the stronger the expectations and possibility of resentment? What is the alternative?
Is it Possible to be Non-Judgemental?
‘Don’t judge.’ Paradoxically, this single statement might have accounted for more judgements than any other judgemental statements. What really is non-judgement?
Change is Here
The world has experienced silence and there is no going back to ‘old times’. Change is happening. It is already here. There is no hiding nor pretending.
Reclaim the Right to Fall apart
Reclaim the Right to Fall Apart
Modern Humanity has strangely abandoned and classified most of our stress relief instincts as weird, awkward, socially unacceptable, or childish. Why?
I am Afraid of my Kind – Women
The collective women’s pain lingers everywhere like a dense cloak and it sickens me. The longing to please, to support, to achieve, to plan, to take care, to win, to love.. all at once.
We Fight for Space
A conflict happens inside before it happens outside. How do we give space in a parent-child conflict?
Reframing for a Spacious Mind
https://youtu.be/0gvnCeidlAo I am not a big fan of positive thinking. Mainly because I don’t see that negative thinking occurs because we consciously wanted to. However,…
Light and Shadow
When there is light, there is shadow. The stronger I attach to what I thought was light, the darker the shadow. Eventually all forms of attachment create tension; no matter how right the ‘light’ is.
little jace
The Pain of ‘Being Stupid’
As I allowed my husband and daughter to witness what could be the most humiliating moment, not the losing but crying like a child over a game, something changed within me.
Who will catch me when I fall
Who will catch me when I fall?
Do you have an immense fear of failing? Have you ever asked yourself who will catch you when you fall into that familiar dreaded and emotional dark hole?
We Achieve by Letting Go
Do you feel empty even when you have accomplished your goal? What is missing? What if the path to truly tasting success is to learn how to let go?
Are you Mindful of your Conditional Dream?
We tend not to clearly see the conditions we tag to our dreams and aspirations. Fears and vulnerabilities that are difficult to acknowledge and express. Yet we wonder why we procrastinate and never start.
Meditation and Pain.. Anyone?
The more pain and struggles you have, the more likely you will ‘succeed’ in mindfulness meditation?
Letting go of Meaning
Why do so many get lost in the search for ‘meaning’? Do you get lost in the meaning, or are you getting lost in the mind?
Practice with Me
How are Mind Habits formed?
Understanding and navigating our mind habits and cultivating new ones has everything to do with emotional safety.
Practicing Confidence?
The Simple Things to Confidence
Fake it till you make it, they say. Or does it reinforce the belief of 'being a fraud'? I stumbled upon confidence through this - Making my bed.
Too Manu New Things Too Little Finishing
Too many new things; Too little Finishing
Running away from possible negative emotions and crushing thoughts? Or craving for 'good' emotions that come with embarking on something new?
Mindfulness and Manifestation - What's the Link?
Law of Attraction is Mindfulness in Action?
Don’t understand how ‘thinking’ can ‘manifest’ desires? How do you embody Law of Attraction? What has mindfulness got to do with manifestation?
What is the Mind's Greatest Potential?
The Greatest Potential of the Human Mind
What is highly accessible to everyone yet most people do not tap into it consciously. This potential is right here and you can do it right in this moment.
The Giver’s Guilt
Do you experience guilt as a parent or a caregiver? How do you power guilt to become a meaningful lifeforce for yourself and your relationship with your children/loved ones?
My Dog reminds me of my Mind
Your mind might be like your pet dog, it has a life of its own. When we turn our attention away, it assumes its own nature. What is your mind's nature?
Tell me.. Why do you try so hard?
How to drop into the ever-present opportunity to practice radical acceptance & compassion for yourself and your loved ones in your daily life.
For the New Year – Practice Being Human
The only way to be comfortable with uncertainty is to be comfortable with being wrong. To be comfortable with being wrong, is to be comfortable with being human
Meeting Me at Where I am
Accept or meet ourselves at where we are? Repeating these simple attitudes to undo this perpetual longing and craving to be like someone else other than me.
Finding Space in Negativity
Just because we shut down doesn’t mean negativity can’t find its way in. What is here is here; all we are doing is create an inner war.
Do you have Unrealistic Expectations of your Mind?
Giving the Mind a Chance to Change
Many of us have unrealistic expectations of the mind because we do not see clearly the nature of our mind.
The Wheels we Set in Motion
Our choices set things in motion. Karma isn’t bad; it’s just what is. To me, it’s like a wheel set in motion. What kind of wheel are you setting in motion next?
Be an Empty Vessel
Be an Empty Vessel
Look at the space you are in now. There’s always a space that holds what’s here. Connecting to the space within you is a doorway to resilience and possibilities.
It takes practice to slow down. It takes courage to stop and rest. You are Enough. Breathe. Rest. Now.
Self-Forgiveness : How do you do it... in one word?
How do I forgive myself?
I was listening to a podcast on self-forgiveness. A simple word struck me in the core and I laughed at the simplicity of it. The word – Sorry.
The Moment Becomes Precious When We Face Our Mortality
Death – The End I Live For
Whenever I fall into tunnel vision or petty views, I set my eyes on that certain endpoint. That goal and outcome that is certain and will never disappoint.
Lack and Abundance are Not Enemies?
Consider the possibility that the two are different sides of the same coin. Maybe abundance can only be felt in its full glory after feeling our deep pain in lack.

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