Free Beginner Starter Practices

Coming Home to the Self

Here are 5 guided mindfulness meditation to get you started. If you do not know where or how to start your practice, scroll down to read some guidance on how to sit or lie on meditation.

Guidance on how to Sit (or Lie) in Meditation

This is not a ‘do-or-die’ rule. The general guidance is that you should adopt a posture that is reasonably comfortable and supports wakefulness (versus a too-comfortable-and-fall-asleep pose). By being in a posture that is somewhat different from our autopilot mode, we are imprinting a fresh intention and muscle memory to tell our mind it is time to be in observation and being mode.

Lying down is ok too. In fact there are some practices in which lying down is recommended. However, lying on a mat or rug is more advisable than lying on the bed. If the bed is the only choice, then maybe keep the eyes slightly open to encourage wakefulness.

Meditating - Sitting on the Ground

There is no shame in sitting on the chair!

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