Why Mindfulness

Ingrained mind habits and beliefs are built and reinforced over our entire lifetime. When it comes to mastering the mind, it has to involve routine and practice. The only way to cultivate a stable and consistent tool that honours our sensitivities and stills our stormy and unpredictable mind. 

When one truly understands that resilience isn’t about handling situations, but the ability to navigate one’s own inner turmoil, you will commit to learning… 

How to Prepare Yourself for Yourself.

Honing the ability to See Clearly

If you have began on a path of growth and self-discovery, you might begin to notice there are so many ways that our mind might not work the way we want it. And many times, we might see ourselves becoming stuck in self-sabotage cycles repeatedly.  Below are a couple of examples –

Mindfulness - ‘Training’ the Muscles of our Mind

Even in a simple mindfulness practice of watching the breath, there are a multitude of attitudes that will begin to rewire the brain. Attitudes that support us in breaking from our unhelpful patterns.

The supportive nature of mindfulness differs among individuals, as we each have our unique experiences, beliefs, values, habits and triggers. Below is an example of how the practice of mindfulness may interrupt the unhelpful patterns at its various stages and supports us in gently turning towards life. 

To begin the journey of mastery:

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