Comments from Past MSC Participants:

MSC has provided me with a super simple (and obvious really!) framework and toolset to recognise when its the right time to think and and look after ourselves, and treat ourselves how we may treat a best/close friend. Its the ‘treating ourselves’ bit which takes some recalibrating from what we have perhaps been previously conditioned not to do, and MSC provides that recalibration.

Paul Haverfield, Cloud Marketing Manager

I was deeply impacted by this program. I have observed that I am a lot kinder to myself, and even when I am not kind to myself, I am aware of it now and have tools to manage the negative emotions.

Annie, Teacher

This program gave me a good opportunity to deepen my knowledge on self-care. Although I have attended MCBT and have some understanding on self-care, I am still glad that I took this program. Beyond knowing/understanding, I learn the skills and resources on how to do it. I am motivated to be kinder and better to myself. I highly recommend this program to those who has high self-expectations and often forget to be nicer to yourself.

Jaslene, Deputy Director, Land Transport Authority

The program was really easy for me to understand as a person who has never done these kinds of courses before. It was really insightful and informative! It helped me make sense of emotions and situations in a lot of aspects of my life, like in my relationships, in handling stress from work, feelings about my self-image, etc. It was helpful for me to start informal practices as well.

Ben, Student

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