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$750 Nett
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Q. I am a complete beginner, is it ok?

This program is certainly designed with complete beginners in mind. In fact, one of the key attitude we practice in mindfulness is that we are all beginners moment to moment.

Q. I have a patience issue, and I absolutely cannot stand doing nothing. Will I survive this?

If you have a mind and a breath, then you will probably do this ok. It might feel time consuming and pointless to sit and ‘not do anything’; but these might be the exact mind preferences we are wishing to ‘loosen’ and allow other qualities to develop. The fact that you are here reading this, something must have drawn you? What kind of change would it bring into your life if you begin practicing a little slowing down, present moment awareness, and more mastery of your mind?

Q. Isn’t Mindfulness just more awareness?

There are definitions far and wide for mindfulness, you can google it. But I am a believer of putting our being through the experience of mindfulness because of the multiple non-tangible attitudes involved in it.

Q. ‘I’m 18’…’I am 50’.. I am xx years old. can I do this program?

If the description of the program piques your interests and innate curiosity, I would say you can do it. It does require some level of emotional and mental maturity to be able to witness and study our inner experiences. I would say the language and tone of the program is more suited for adults above the age of 18, with no upper age limit. 

Q. I have done some self-practice before using various apps, is there anything new for me?

This program value-adds by bringing you through a reflection process of the common experiences that we might have in a mindfulness practice and how to apply them to life. The themes built on each other as the program progress to help gain a more coherent and rational understanding of why we practice.

Q. Are the practices religious?

The practices in this program are meant for anyone with a ‘mind’. Anyone with a wish to self-observe and master their inner workings. I know numerous mindfulness teachers who share different faiths and beliefs. Considering that the ‘self’ is a divine sacred throve of mysteries, it can be a spiritual experience but the program itself is secular in nature.

Q. Why should I join a live group to learn mindfulness?

Many people who started out using apps and self-guided practices would tell you that eventually a teacher and a practice group is what would propel your inner learning and insights. Simply because we don’t know what we don’t know. Reflection from an observer and sharing as a group can widen perspectives and surface unconscious beliefs. 

Q. It sounds quite long to commit for 8 weeks.

Besides the once a week commitment to attend the class, the program requires self-daily practice (approx 40min a day). The 8-weeks self-daily practice is the essential component to building a life-long skill that we can access with ease.  A toddler who is ready to learn to walk will stand up and walk.. and fall.. and walk.. and fall every day. The child does not attend a class once a week if she truly wants walking to be part of her nature and innate ability. I certainly understand the challenges of committing time for the self-practice in our busy lives, hence, it is about your ‘why’.. your intention. If mindfulness becomes your nature, how will it serve your values? And your life?

Q. Am I suited or eligible to take the 8-week programs?

These programs are suitable for complete beginners to existing practitioners, as long as your intentions are aligned with the programs. However, there are some notes of caution for individuals who might be undergoing existing psychological treatments or are in the midst of extreme emotional states.

Read More in our General Disclaimers and User Policy
The Oxford University Mindfulness Centre offers a comprehensive description of who might not be suitable for an 8-week mindfulness program. Click here to read more

Q. Who is the teacher?

Jace commenced on her own practice since 2011 and underwent rigorous study and training before receiving the status of a Certified competent Mindfulness teacher in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at The University of Oxford’s Mindfulness Centre. She is trained in various Mindfulness programs, and is also a certified yoga teacher. Adept in mind-body practices, she encourages a holistic practice between mind, body and heart. Find out more

$750 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $650 – Sign up before 10 Jun
Sign up with Buddy or Group @ $610/pax

$750 Nett
Early bird Discount @ $650 – Sign up before 10 Jun
Sign up with Buddy or Group @ $610/pax

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