Be an Empty Vessel

It’s the emptiness and space in a cup, in a room, in a house that their purpose becomes fulfilled. They are useless if they are rock solid without the empty space within.

Take a look around you and notice the amount of empty spaces serving you right now.
There is always a space that holds what is here.

Practice being in touch with the empty space within you. That space that holds all within you.

That maybe it isn’t just about the content you put within. Sometimes emotions and thoughts come unexpectedly due to circumstances beyond our conscious awareness or control.

How about cultivating yourself as the vessel and the empty space holding those content? Being in touch with this part of you that is separate from the content, experience this stillness and neutral state of bliss; the part of you that is untouchable. Be the empty cup, not the water.

Play with the idea that you can cultivate this space to be bigger and more versatile – to hold whatever that might arrive in this moment, knowing that you have this steadiness that is untouchable and can always come home to.

Yes, Mindfulness is about awareness, the moment, and the here and now. At the root of it, it’s also this realisation that we can cultivate space. And that presents a possibility of a journey that doesn’t end. Because who is to define how vast, how wide and how far you can go?

Sit with me.

Sensing your body in this moment.

Then sensing the space around you.

The room.

The building housing the room.

The land holding the building,

The earth cradling the land.

The earth floating in the midst of darkness that stretches infinitely beyond.

Sense the vastness within your own being.

This supposed limited and physical body.

Yet has the potential and capacity to sense wide beyond what we can tangibly see.

Allowing this expanded sense of awareness..

this vast spaciousness to accompany you into the next moment.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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