Law of Attraction is Mindfulness in Action?

Mindfulness and Manifestation - What's the Link?

A bunch of BS?

I read the ‘The Secret’ fresh out of the university. I wanted to believe it but it made no sense to me. I willed fervently to strike the lottery for a couple of weeks and decided that the book was a bunch of BS. 

In my initial journey, the idea of law of attraction continued to show up in various forms. To me it remained a mystery. I simply did not understand how we can think about wanting something and assume that we are going to have it ‘manifest’ what we want. The truth is that very few of us are equipped with the skills to ‘feel’ the process described – a strong intention with the expectation that it has already happened (surrender completely to the outcome).

Still intrigued but letting go

For a while I was quite hooked on videos about Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks. I just felt like I was missing something. I could understand everything they were saying but it’s not translating to the kind of experience or outcomes that they are describing. How do I embody this process? She kept talking about this idea of feeling good – try all way to make yourself feel good. I don’t get it, how can we change how we feel?

Finally, I decided that I will leave this for good. I was obviously not getting anywhere by trying to understand it.

Finding The Practice

For about 3 years, I found mindfulness practice and proudly declared that I don’t need all these ‘woo woo’ stuff anymore. A present moment practice will do. I can be at ease with what is here, regardless of the emotion. I can learn to pay attention in the way that serves my well-being. I found grounding in life. I found routine and practice. I found a sense of unwavering faith that all is enough in this moment. 

Then I chanced upon a Law of Attraction book again. As I read it, I realised I have unintentionally ‘found’ the Law of Attraction. 

Revisiting with New Lens

Everything makes sense not just in the mind, it makes sense because I had felt the process described in the Law of Attraction in my body during my mindfulness practice. I am not just trying to understand it in my mind. 

Law of Attraction is a way of navigating our inner experiences that will 'attract' or 'manifest' what we want in life. And Mindfulness is the skill of inner navigation.


Do I get whatever I want now? I can’t be sure, because what I want has become much simpler or I am now much less demanding. There is a sense of ease that things are on their way. And indeed, I have been thankful thus far for what has been arriving for me and also what has always been there for me. And maybe all along all I wanted was just a peace of mind. 

Want what you want? Practice. Mindfulness or any mind-body practices.

Because the mind alone can’t let you experience what needs to be felt and learnt in the body.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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