What is Truth?

Are most of us living in a giant distortion?
Is the reflection more real than reality?

I have spent half my life excited by the prospect of truth.
I still do. 
Each time an epiphany shatters a core belief,
there is a longing for it to be the truth.

But an epiphany hardly qualifies as the truth.
I know too well; I have seen truths disproved in a moment too many.

The quest for the truth is alluring,
just per the obsession with the theory of everything.
Yet, centuries and lifetimes later,
this great quest continues for humanity, undying.

Maybe it’s not something to be found or concluded.
But understood in the journey of living and growing old.

The fact that I am attempting this in words, 
it haunts me that I am missing the point.
The fact that the title is “What is truth”,
I had thrown myself into an abyss of the unknown

After all, I still have some distance to go in growing old.
But why not still give it a go?

Life is telling me Truth is expressed in resonance with the moment. 
With each moment, a new truth awaits. 
Then is there no longstanding truth? 
One might ask.

Hmm… It’s not about what isn’t, but what is.
Truth can only Be in the moment.

Simple isn’t it?
But is it true? 
No one might know for sure…
though one might begin to understand.

When we live. When we experience.
When we grow old… or grow wise.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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