Anxiety is Here

Tension from Perfection, Fear, Future and the Unknown

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The bane of both young and old.
The heaviness and tension in the belly.
The cold sweat.
The skull squeezing against the brain.
The clamped throat.
The freeze, fight and flight.
The feeling that nothing is ever gonna be right.


We struggle to make sense of it. Is it..
For others
For the self
For survival
For protection
For growth
For ego
For love?


It doesn’t matter why anxiety arises.
Because if you have anything to live for.
Anxiety will arise.
It will try to convince you that

“You are not enough.”
“You are a failure.”
“You shouldn’t act.”

Even if you hear these loud and clear. 
Listen for the soft whispers beneath –

“I long for protection and safety.”
“I long for love and acceptance.”
“I am on the verge of growing.”


Let it flow and see what comes through.
For anxiety is survival instinct in overdrive.

F**k it. 
It is aliveness in overdrive!

Maybe there is no need to find a meaning for it.
Label or no label.

It is here. 
So be it.


Fighting it gives it more strength.
Instead feel it to its core.

Trembling and shivering. 
Restlessness exploding in our single cell.
Tension stretching the skin so thin, it might tear any minute.

Feel. No action needed.
Deep breathes.

Let it come.
Let it go. 

For once in my life, maybe I can believe..
It is safe to feel it.

No action needed.
Deep breathes.


Exhausted.. Drained. It’s ok.
Surrender. Rest.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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