Can’t Empty your Mind? Don’t.

“I can’t stop thinking.”

“Who says anything about stopping the thinking?”

One of the most common conversations we have in a mindfulness class.

Weights in the gym are like the equivalent of thoughts in mindfulness practice.

The more thoughts you have, the more opportunities for exploration and ‘training’.

Being curious about the nature of the thoughts.

Visuals? Voices? Words? A mix?

Past, future? Pleasant or unpleasant? Real or imaginary?

The amount of pull it has.

The emotions beneath the thoughts.

The cravings and impulses that arises with the thoughts.

The coming and going – Transient or sticky?

The Nature of our Mind

The moment we examine and observe the thoughts, it becomes clear –

The thoughts are not you. If you can observe an object, like a bottle, how can you - the observer, be the object?

We let the mind do its thing – thinking.

Just like how we let our lungs do its thing – breathing. Stomach – digesting.

We don’t interfere with these other functions. Why then do we get so bothered with our mind? Maybe because we have misunderstood since a long time ago, that what we think is who we are. That it is us who consciously generate all our thoughts. That we are in total control. What if that is just a belief that isn’t entirely true? Are you consciously generating your outrageous dreams when you sleep?

The more we observe and the more we practice, the easier it is to see clearly the nature of the mind. The disillusions we have about the mind.

Allow the thoughts to stay

We can’t appreciate silence if there is no noise.


Notice what is already here.

Not needing to change.

Letting it come and go.

If the thoughts are sticky, take the chance to be curious and look closely.

And Breathe again.

Maybe with the next exhale, it’s gone before you realise it.

May each willingness to stay –

Nourish a more open and spacious mind.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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