Change is Here

23 Apr 2020 post on FB

“Everything, the moments, the situation, the cars on the road, people walking on the street feels surreal. It is so normal that it doesn’t feel real.

How does life change so drastically so normally, so silently?

How can silence be so deafening that it stops us all in our tracks?

This pause feels so pregnant that I literally can feel it growing in me, maybe it’s anxiety, maybe fear, maybe hope, maybe anticipation, maybe grief. It leaves me hanging in the air, not quite knowing where this is going or what to expect. So I guess.. just hang in there.. (pun intended), and trust the unfolding of this silence.”

In the midst of the first lockdown in my country, we call it the circuit breaker, I wrote this in FB.

A year later, the country has gone into another tamer version of a lockdown.

The silence continues.

But now it feels like people goes about their life like a black and white silent movie.

Everyone acts like the silence is ‘normal’.

So did I.

One day I sat. My senses became more silent than the silence around me.

I got shaken out of the trance and I asked ‘What the hell is going on?’

“Shush! Nothing is wrong.”

It’s as if a narrator or the flow of life, of fear, of uncertainty just wants to push me along.

“Just go along now.”

Now it seems like the silence is ending, yet again. We can officially go back to ‘normal’.



Change is happening.

It is already here.

There is no hiding. There is no pretending.

Pass through the anguish, the grief and emerge from the cocoon anew.

A caterpillar again. Starting afresh.

We might not be flying yet (literally).

But the mind can.

Dream the vision and possibilities that will redefine this generation.

Feet on the ground; humility relearnt; essentials redefined.

With a grieving heart, a gentle surrender.

With aliveness in the body;

and the power of creation in the mind;

Let’s forge a new world.

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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