Reclaim the Right to Fall Apart

“I cry and I am proud of it..”

If you watch a dog, you will begin to observe some behaviours they use to release tension.

Shaking, yawning and stretching movements. In distress, they also whine and cry. 

Human beings are one of those weird living beings that has abandoned and systematically rejected our stress relief instincts, and labelled them as weird, awkward, socially unacceptable, or childish. 

And we wonder why we have mounting mental well-being issues. 

Being regulated at appropriate times is different from being regulated ALL the time. 

We have come to a point where it is common for parents to tell their children, ‘Stop crying.’

Even in the safety of their own home. 

Stop jumping, stop singing, stop moving, stop playing, stop dancing.

And we stopped.

Choosing to clamp ourselves in numbness, quivering and imploding within when tension and anxiety hit us.

Mind-Body Connection. 

Do you believe in this? If you do, learn to trust the body to express itself.

Have you ever succeeded in thinking yourself out of an intense feeling? Learn to trust the body to express itself. 

Set aside a time to be alone. Give your body the permission to be felt, to cry. Learn to trust the body to express itself.

Where in your body is tense right now? I bet you there will be tension in the foreheads from digesting information, neck and shoulders from staring at the phone, chest from holding back the anger, stomach from bearing all that anxiety etc etc.

Awareness. Stretch. Walk. Jump. Voice expression (Sign, yawn, growl, yell).

It’s Simple.




I take time out to cry. And I am proud of it. 

I fall apart so that I can put myself together in the most easeful way again. 

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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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If you believe many more can act from the wholeness of who they are.
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